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The Sommerrey & Partners Law Firm of Attorneys-at-Law was established in 2010. Since the very beginning, our core values were professional approach and innovativeness. We strive to anticipate our clients’ expectations, protect their interests and support them in making key decisions, not only in the legal sphere, but also in business and private life.


We provide reliable advice in matters which are of strategic importance to family businesses


Our activity is underpinned by a system of values which was developed in practice and constitutes the basis of relations with our Clients. With practice, we managed to achieve a high degree of expertise in comprehensive services offered to family businesses. To serve our clients better, we go beyond the traditional role ascribed to lawyers, which is limited to the provision of legal services.

Why S&P is a good choice?



We are particularly mindful of ensuring high levels of safety – regarding to both personal data, informations about cases and matters related to liability insurance. For this reason, we have implemented a professional electronic system in our firm for document circulation with a very high security standard. Aside from standard liability insurance we hold a supplementary insurance policy, in order to make our clients feel safe and secure.


We have implemented an innovative system B2B which rationalizes managing business processes between us and our partners, Electronic transmission of documents, digital signatures and permanent cooperation with experts in  various fields. We also have a complex working time registration and project management system in order to keep pace with dynamically developing clients.

opiekun klienta

account manager

Communication is the key. Our clients act quickly, we have to be up to speed. Each client has his own counsellor – main contact person who is familiar with the specific needs of particular areas of law, organises  division of labour and the termination of the project.

Thanks to this fact, our clients do not need to wonder who to call or e-mail with their questions about the case.

modern tools

Fast system response, timely exchange of documentation and implementation of projects –these days they are essential features of cooperation. We own a dedicated software for document and project management.


promptitude and openness

Just as time is sensitive for our clients, likewise it is for us. That is why we reply promptly to any question from our clients specifying the period within which the commission is to be carried out. After the end of the month, the client receives a detailed collation of orders executed on his behalf containing precise information about the time taken up in the pursuit of the work. All the operations are entered into a system and fully described.

the methodology of work

The client has control over each stage of our work. We approach all the orders with a plan. We work out a scheme which has been proved to be successful.

How does it work?

1. ANALYSIS – we start the project with a thorough analysis of the materials supplied by our cielnt.

2. DIAGNOSIS – after appraising the matter we make a diagnosis of the problem and discuss the possibilities

3. RECOMMENDATION – client receives a full recommendation of the possible solutions of the problem.

4. OPERATION – when the client accepts our recommendation or one of the possible solutions, we proceed to the implementation. We are in the constant contact with our clients.

5. FEEDBACK – after the completion of a project  the clients are always welcome to provide a feedback about our collaboration.



expert team and flexibility

We guarantee comprehensive support. A dynamically evolving business needs to have time and opportunities to focus on its development. Our lawyers are experts in various fields, thanks to that we support our clients on every field, not only legal, but also on business related aspects.


We are mobile. Trial in Radom? Real estate in Szczecin? Negotiations in the capital city? We don’t cling to our desks. We have two offices – in Poznań and in Warsaw. We conduct cases throughout the country and abroad.



A dynamically evolving business needs concrete actions and clear guidelines. We will not abandon the essence of our work, which is an in-depth analysis of the legislations whilst  providing clear, comprehensible answers. Measures recommended are arranged in order for you to understand and are supported with in percipient analysis.


Clients cooperating with foreign entities value the fact, that we provide them with support not only in the Polish language, but also in English, German and French. We cooperate very closely with translation offices, adapting them to our clients needs.



Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne

In 2014, we became a member of the Fundacja Firmy Rodzinne foundation, which fosters integration and promotion of activities whose aim is to protect family businesses’ common interest. The foundation is a platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge among family businesses.

Sommerrey & Partners is also a family business and we specialise in providing legal services to family businesses.


Medal Europejski

In 2014 and 2015, Sommerrey & Partners  was among the laureates of the 25th edition of the European Medal. The committee recognised the innovative solutions we implemented within the scope of providing strategic counselling to family businesses. The Medal is awarded by the Business Centre Club under the honorary patronage of the European Economic and Social Committee and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. Products and services which comply with European standards are awarded. Nominated services and products must meet norms stipulated by the law and hold appropriate licenses and patents.


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