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Tarcza antykryzysowa

Do czasu ustąpienia w Polsce skutków pandemii COVID-19 (koronawirus), w Kancelarii powołany został ekspercki zespół prawników specjalizujących się w różnych dziedzinach prawa, którzy pomagają Klientom skorzystać ze środków publicznych oferowanych przez państwo, preferencyjnych warunków podatkowych i in. (tzw. „tarcza antykryzysowa”), w celu ochrony prowadzonej przez nich działalności gospodarczej. Podstawowym celem zespołu jest proponowanie każdemu Klientowi […]

Corporate law services

Corporate services for companies is one of our main specialisations. Thanks to our employees’ and partners’ long experience we are able to provide comprehensive services to each and every company. Corporate services rendered by Sommerrey & Partners include all aspects of running a company. Company registration Corporate services rendered by our experts in commercial law […]


Contract law has a very extensive range of issues and it is quite complicated – especially when it comes to expanded contractual forms. One of the specialties of our firm are issues related to contracts. We support our clients from the start, by negotiating  and securing terms and conditions, to the enforcement of claims in […]

GDPR – Personal data protection in companies

PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION IN ENTERPRISE – IMPLEMENTATION OF THE GDPR From 25th of May 2018, new personal data regulations will come into force. Current reconstructive implementation of the legal regulations will no longer be sufficient. Upon Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of […]

Franc cases

Jeżeli zaciągnąłeś kredyt frankowy i chciałbyś się z niego wyswobodzić, trafiłeś pod właściwy adres! Jedną z wielu specjalizacji naszej kancelarii są tzw. „sprawy frankowe”. Reprezentujemy naszych klientów w postępowaniach dotyczących zarówno unieważnienia umowy kredytu frankowego, jak i usunięcia z niej niedozwolonych postanowień umownych. Oddając się w ręce naszych specjalistów, z pewnością znajdziesz optymalne rozwiązanie i zwiększysz szansę na […]

Tax optimisation and support

Tax optimisation and tax support for our Clients’ businesses is an indispensable part of our work. It is our priority to make sure that the solutions offered by the law firm minimise tax and fiscal burden on the part of the Client to the biggest possible extent. Tax consequences of enterprises and investments Before proceeding […]

Optimisation of employment and HR processes

Optimisation of employment and HR-related processes in a company translates into a more effective use of employees’ potential and reduction of employment costs. There are many ways to achieve satisfactory results. Our specialists’ experience in managing all staff-related matters and employment structure allows them to propose solutions which are adjusted to the type of your business. […]

White collar crimes

Sommerrey & Partners provide legal services related to the problem of white collar crimes in connection with consultancy in the field of prevention and detection of economic/business entities frauds and analysis of criminal penalties relating to trading transactions. What makes us stand out/ what distinguishes us? We personally participate in all legal proceedings. We will not […]

Family cases

Our law firm deals with a wide range of family matters on a daily basis. Within this category we attribute not only matrimonial or parental matters, but also inheritance cases. We have carried out this type of proceeding a number of times and we realise that it requires not only professional knowledge but also understanding […]

Business succession

Business succession requires detailed planning and reliable implementation. This is a long-term process, sometimes it may take up to several years. Since we specialise in rendering services to family businesses, we devote a lot of time to such matters. Our team of qualified specialists guarantees that the process of transferring enterprise to successors is seamless. […]

Company restructuring

Company restructuring consists in, among others, organisational and financial structure changes. It allows to increase effectiveness and competitiveness on the market and, therefore, generates growth and increases company income. Knowledge and experience of our specialists allow us to design the right changes taking into consideration both the internal and external situation. Consulting in buying and […]

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a new value that came along with the development of enterprises. Often it is it is the most valuable an asset of the company. Moreover, appropriate management of intellectual property entails many favourable tax consequences. One should know how to effectively protect and manage intangible assets in a company. Protection of new […]


Faced with the dynamic changes in the business environment, contemporary entrepreneurs must act in advance to minimize the risks that may arise while making most of the business-related decisions. This is mainly due to the increasing number of legal standards which may entail severe sanctions for entrepreneurs, including but not limited to financial penalties, even […]


Mediation is a voluntary process by which a neutral third party called a mediator helps people in conflict negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. The parties to the mediation control the outcome. The proceedings may be initiated by the parties or may be proposed or ordered of the court. Our experts include mediators with extensive experience […]


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