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Corporate law services

Corporate services for companies is one of our main specialisations. Thanks to our employees’ and partners’ long experience we are able to provide comprehensive services to each and every company. Corporate services rendered by Sommerrey & Partners include all aspects of running a company.

Company registration

Corporate services rendered by our experts in commercial law include comprehensive assistance in establishing a new company. They will advise which form of company to choose and suggest the most economically reasonable solutions. They will draw up all required documents, including contracts and regulations. They will make sure that the registration process is concluded in as little time as possible.

Settling disputes between partners or shareholders

In business, it gets nervous at times. Sooner or later, tension gives rise to conflicts. Equipped with the right knowledge and negotiation skills, our lawyers can quickly solve conflicts which arise between partners or shareholders. Entrusting us with tasks within the scope of corporate services, you can be sure that we will intervene quickly and stave off any conflicts that may arise. And your company will not suffer as a result.

Representation in meetings

Time is money. Meetings of shareholders usually take up a lot of time. Each entrepreneur would allocate this time in a better way. Acting under a power of attorney, Sommerrey & Partners lawyers will participate in meetings, represent you and look after your interests. Following our mission and going beyond the traditional roles ascribed to lawyers, we save your time.

Debt recovery

Transactions entered into with clients always involve risk. How to secure your rights? What to do when a business partner does not pay amounts due? How to recover your debts? Our lawyers know the answers to these questions. The objective of debt recovery is to recover receivables in the shortest time possible with the use of tools selected according to the nature of a particular type of debt. Providing day-to-day corporate services, we also deal with debt recovery cases, starting with preventive measures (including drawing up agreements and securing them), through the so-called soft debt recovery and court proceedings, ending with debt collection proceedings.

Bankruptcy and winding up of company

If the situation on the market leads to losses and a dramatic decrease in your company’s profitability, it is time to think about winding up. Sometimes it is impossible to save the company and the best solution is to close it down. We know from our experience that entrepreneurs are often emotionally attached to their businesses and want to save them at all costs. Our specialists will advise you on the best solution to be applied in your situations. If necessary, they can manage the winding-up process, including bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

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