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Family cases

Our law firm deals with a wide range of family matters on a daily basis. Within this category we attribute not only matrimonial or parental matters, but also inheritance cases. We have carried out this type of proceeding a number of times and we realise that it requires not only professional knowledge but also understanding and support for our clients.

Matrimonial property regime

We advise our clients on concluding marriage contracts both before and after the marriage. We also support our clients after the end of a material community property e.g. in the matter of division of joint property.

Maintenance matters

We very often deal with matters relating to maintenance obligations. We advise both the person entitled to the maintenance benefits and the person who owes the maintenance. We support our clients in the legal proceedings, we negotiate the amount of maintenance and take actions in order to enforce them.

Proceeding in cases of divorce and legal separation

We are aware of the sensitive nature of a family cases, especially when it comes to the termination of marriage. Such proceedings are often very emotional.  We take care of our clients from the first meeting and we not only offer them professional legal knowledge but we also endeavour to show them our support.


Family matters are often related to exercising parental authority. We carry our clients through these difficult proceedings. We negotiate the terms and conditions of childcare arrangements and prepare relevant documents. We are experienced in handling proceedings for deprivation and limitation of parental authority.


We offer full legal service in matters of succession under the Act or under the will. We conduct the necessary procedures in event of the acquisition of the estate of the deceased person and inheritance division. We also deal with conserving the estate and taking the necessary measures for that purpose. We represent our clients in the mediation process relating to succession and also advise them in terms o future successions.

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