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Mediation is a voluntary process by which a neutral third party called a mediator helps people in conflict negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. The parties to the mediation control the outcome. The proceedings may be initiated by the parties or may be proposed or ordered of the court. Our experts include mediators with extensive experience who provide the parties with professional support throughout the mediation process. The task of our mediators is to provide assiatance in reaching an agreement by means of, amongst others: making it easier for the parties to talk, easing tensions during negotiations and guiding appropriate questions. We help the parties establish an agreement and restore mutual trust.


Principles of mediation


Why is mediation worth using?

Mediation costs

In contractual mediation, the remuneration of the mediator is set out in the mediation agreement and the individual is usually determined depending on the value of the subject of the dispute in case.

In mediation conducted as a result of referral by the court, the costs of mediation are specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 20 June 2016 on the amount of remuneration and reimbursable expenses of the mediator in civil proceedings (Journal of Laws 2016.921). Our experts will help determine how much the remuneration of the mediator will be depending on the value of the subject of the dispute and what expenses incurred in connection with the mediation will be subject to repayment.


In what cases do we mediate?

In all. Mediation is possible in all civil cases in which the provisions allow a settlement. Our Law Firm specializes in mediation in matters related to:

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