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Intellectual property

Intellectual property is a new value that came along with the development of enterprises. Often it is it is the most valuable an asset of the company. Moreover, appropriate management of intellectual property entails many favourable tax consequences. One should know how to effectively protect and manage intangible assets in a company.

Protection of new technology, innovation and design.

Modern technology, knowledge and innovation – these aspects increase the competitiveness and profitability of the company on the market. Effective protection of these elements is essential for any business.

We offer full support – legal and technical – in the field of protection of rights related to inventions, utility models and industrial designs. We will check whether a solution can be protected and to what extent, and we will carry out entire proceeding of declaration after obtaining protection.


Protection of trademarks, logos and brands.

A trademark is a distinctive element of the company. Among other things, thanks to it, consumers are able to recognize a particular product or service among the rich offer on the market.

We are engaged in the trademarks service – we provide support throughout the process with the protection and management of trademarks. From the research, by application for protection, proceedings before the competent office, for obtaining the right of protection.


Valuation of IP rights. Intellectual assets.

Intellectual property rights are valued, creating the so-called intellectual assets of the company.

We prepare the expert reports related to estimation of intangible assets. Depending on customer requirements, the right team of professionals is involved in that process – patent attorneys, lawyers, financial analysts, auditors. This ensures a complete and accurate valuation of IP rights.


Trademarks watching.

Very rapidly growing number of new trademarks create the risk of misleading consumers or weaken the recognition of trademarks in connection with the existence of similar marks.

S&P provides a service of monitoring the IP rights market by using modern computer software. This enables a rapid response in case of the conflict of trademarks, but also can serve as a source of information about the activities of market competition.


Litigation. Combating unfair competition.

Protected IP rights, including trademarks, patents and designs, create a right to exclusive use, as well as pursuing claims for their violation.

S&P Law Firm provides comprehensive assistance in the fight against unfair competition, resolving disputes concerning infringement of IP rights, conducting the proceedings before administrative authorities and courts – in the country and abroad.



IP rights that have obtained protection may be the subject of transactions including contribution, license, or sell. These transactions require a detailed analysis of the risk and the relevant contractual provisions.

We provide support in the analysis, due diligence, as well as full support for transactional documentation.


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