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Faced with the dynamic changes in the business environment, contemporary entrepreneurs must act in advance to minimize the risks that may arise while making most of the business-related decisions. This is mainly due to the increasing number of legal standards which may entail severe sanctions for entrepreneurs, including but not limited to financial penalties, even if the entrepreneur has best intentions and follows the rules of ethical conduct. Our law firm offers solutions that will significantly minimize legal risks and secure the continuity of our Clients’ business. This is possible primarily thanks to training the Client’s employees and managers, developing procedures for responding to changes in legal obligations, as well as drawing up and effectively implementing internal procedures, including emergency procedures in the event of intervention by public authorities.



It is a control mechanism whose aim is to verify an entrepreneur’s operations at many levels in terms of compliance with the applicable law. What is of particular importance, an internal audit constitutes a highly effective protection measure against external audit by state authorities.

Our compliance services are based on the expert knowledge of our legal team composed of specialists from various fields of law whose interdisciplinary expertise enables to meet all the requirements of contemporary compliance. It also should be noted that each client’s compliance processes are always controlled by a lawyer – a certified compliance oficer, who is responsible for retaining appropriate introductory standards or consistency in post-audit reports.

Our audit services focus primarily on compliance in the following areas:


Comprehensive implementation of compliance procedures

A well-trained and comprehensive compliance team comprising professionals and dedicated to professionals will mitigate the risk of violations and minimize their consequences in case of occurrence. Thanks to the customised compliance program, our Clients increase their credibility in the business environment and minimize the risk of attracting the attention of state authorities.

The solution includes, among other things, drafting:

In addition, we provide comprehensive employee training, assistance in introducing the Chief Compliance Officer function and we represent the Client before state authorities in connection with compliance issues.


Ongoing support for compliance units

We are aware that effective implementation of the compliance policy is only half of the story. It is crucial that the compliance units or the Chief Compliance Officer are up-to-date with the information on planned changes in the law and that they are notified well in advance. Our role is also to provide day-to-day support to persons responsible for compliance, in particular, we offer a dedicated training on any changes in the law that will have an impact on the compliance policy.

Ongoing support may include, among others:


Criminal compliance

In connection with the planned entry into force of the new Act on the liability of collective entities and the Act on counteracting money laundering and financing terrorism, entrepreneurs will be required to implement additional, individually developed procedures in the event of instituting proceedings against the management or the entity itself. To meet the Clients’ expectations, the law firm also provides services in terms of implementing specific procedures, including emergency procedures, in the event of interference by state authorities. Both current and planned regulations include not only financial penalties, the upper limit of which has been significantly increased, but also penalties and preventive measures in the form of a ban on advertising or participating in public procurement tenders and receiving subsidies.


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