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Contract law has a very extensive range of issues and it is quite complicated – especially when it comes to expanded contractual forms. One of the specialties of our firm are issues related to contracts. We support our clients from the start, by negotiating  and securing terms and conditions, to the enforcement of claims in court proceedings and execution.

Audits/verification of contracts

Entrepreneurs usually do not pay full regard to the precise formulation of contractual obligations which often results in ineffectual, legally unenforceable regulations. Our specialists audit both future contracts and agreements concluded in the past. Thanks to this, e.g. through addenda, it is possible to modify the text/content of the contract in order to meet the legal criteria and include provisions beneficial for the enterpreneur. By timely identification of risks we are able to prevent negative consequences in the future.

Contract negotiation

Lawyers in our firm support clients from the very beginning of conversations with contractors/ counterparties. We draw up the initial contracts and negotiate their terms and conditions to ensure the best possible defence/protection of the interests of our clients and, at the same time, not to antagonise the contractor. Agreements compiled by us such as leases, contract work, investment agreements and others, are characterised by precision and lack of fill-in-the blanks language. We also prepare general conditions and framework agreements.

Contracts security

Collateral measures reduce the risk that the counterparty will fail to fulfill the terms of the contract. There are various ways in which a contract can be secured starting with the most basic such as interest and contractual penalties, to the most complex e.g. bills of exchange, mortgage, forfeit, bank guarantees and credits. We will advise our clients of the best solution in regard to the nature of the contract which secures the utmost performance of the agreement.

Effective redress

There are risks associated with every business transaction. How to protect your rights? What to do when the counterparty did not settle the payments? Our lawyers know the answers to these questions. The purpose of the recovery is to enforce debt collection within the shortest time possible using tools selected according to the nature of debt. We conduct enforcement proceedings from preventative measures through to so-called ”soft recovery”, legal and debt enforcement proceedings. In some cases we intermediate in receivables circulation.


Acting as the authorised agents, we represent our clients in courts, offices, before bailiffs and other institutions.  Our principal aim is to relieve the clients  of the legal issues.  We cooperate intensively with bailiffs inter alia by participating in their activities, we take actions in real estate research.  We cooperate very closely with our client at every stage and keep him/her informed of the progress.

Judicial proceedings

Sometimes it is impossible to reach an out-of-court settlement (resolve a conflict/dispute out of court). Before initiating the process it is necessary to reflect on possible scenarios and consequences. In case of the need of trial our lawyers support clients – we analyse the possible course of the process, taking into account threats from the counterparty. We gather the evidence, prepare and submit the pleadings and participate in the hearings.

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