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Tax optimisation and support

Tax optimisation and tax support for our Clients’ businesses is an indispensable part of our work. It is our priority to make sure that the solutions offered by the law firm minimise tax and fiscal burden on the part of the Client to the biggest possible extent.

Tax consequences of enterprises and investments

Before proceeding to the implementation of a new investment, one should think about the tax consequences involved in the transaction. Solutions which do not alter the nature of the enterprise and positively affect the related tax liabilities should be developed. Our lawyers are proficient in such matters. After performing a thorough analysis and assessment of the tax consequences of enterprises, the lawyers will say what measures are to be taken in order to minimise the fiscal burden.

Investment strategies and restructuring scenarios

We draw up tax-optimised investment strategies and capital and business restructuring scenarios for our clients. Developing a good strategy requires conducting in-depth analyses and taking into consideration the specific character of a particular business. Restructuring processes, both business- and capital-related, in compliance with the currently applicable provisions of the tax law as well as civil and commercial law regulations allows for implementing solutions which reduce costs incurred by entrepreneurs. Such projects, therefore, become more profitable and attractive.

Transaction consulting

Transaction consulting includes due diligence examinations, transaction structuring and analysis of transaction documents. Upon request, we perform a thorough analysis of the company’s commercial, financial, legal and tax situation (due diligence). This will enable us to identify chances and risks before proceeding to talks related to a particular capital transaction.

Transfer pricing analysis

We will verify the correctness of documents pertaining to transaction prices. If necessary, we will draw up documents to make sure that transactions conducted by our Clients are compliant with the applicable provisions of the law.

Preparing tax optimisation plans

We will develop and implement detailed optimisation plans for enterprises and we will advise on ways to reduce tax liabilities. Our objective is to build a long-term tax strategy for our Clients so that they can plan investments and broadly understood financial matters in advance, taking the reduced tax burden into account.

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advocate / licensed tax adviser

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advocate / tax advisor / of counsel

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