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Optimisation of employment and HR processes

Optimisation of employment and HR-related processes in a company translates into a more effective use of employees’ potential and reduction of employment costs. There are many ways to achieve satisfactory results. Our specialists’ experience in managing all staff-related matters and employment structure allows them to propose solutions which are adjusted to the type of your business.

Consulting in staff records management

Effective management of staff and staff records is an important aspect of employment optimisation. We will conduct an audit of staff records, including employment agreements, personal records and regulations. We will verify them in terms of correctness and compliance with formal requirements. If necessary, we will make any adjustments to comply with the current state of the law.

We will provide necessary support in creating job descriptions. If there are descriptions for all positions in your company, we will conduct an audit and adjust them to the legal requirements. Moreover, our experts will create appropriate procedures and documents concerning employees’ personal files.

Staff management consulting

Effective staff management translates into a significantly more efficient use of your employees’ potential. There are many ways to stimulate employees and make a better use of their skills. Our specialists will design comprehensive solutions and procedures concerning staff training. We will prepare regulations concerning improvement of employees’ professional qualifications, necessary documentation, systems for analysing training needs and a follow-up audit.

A recognised and satisfied employee is much more efficient. We will propose bonus systems and remuneration systems adjusted to the type and possibilities of your business in order to increase the level of employee satisfaction and, hence, the quality of their work.

Creating practices and regulations

Are you thinking of buying a car for your company? Or perhaps you want to expand your existing fleet? We will create a fleet policy and regulations concerning the use of company and private vehicles with particular emphasis on the tax dimension. Our experts will draw up non-competition agreements which will safeguard and protect your interests as an employer. We will implement anti-mobbing procedures and company codes which will clearly define the applicable rules and will contribute to the increase in the awareness of your employees’ rights and responsibilities.

Employment costs optimisation

Employment optimisation translates into the amount of costs incurred. Carefully selected and appropriately created solutions in terms of working time organisation in your company will allow for an efficient use of your employees’ time and will minimise the risk of overtime or reduce the number of overtime hours.

If your employees receive benefits in kind or in money, our specialists will advise you on tax- and premium-related matters. This will make them less financially onerous.

Temporary employment agencies

A very popular form of employment is hiring temporary employees by temporary employment agencies. We have many years of experience in coordination in the process of establishing this type of employment. The activity of the temporary employment agencies is regulated and requires entry in the Register of Employment Agencies. Our specialists will provide support to temporary employment agencies from the stage of the registration. We will design solutions and cooperation mechanisms between future contractors and temporary employees. We also prepare full documentation necessary to implement suggested solutions.

A large number of temporary workers employed by agencies and multitude of existing legal regulations as well as their frequent changes, may cause difficulties with the proper functioning of the agency. Our specialists will provide support with solving them and resolve any doubt that might arise due to entrying in force new regulations.

Employment of foreigners

The employment of foreigners is gaining popularity across the country. However, regardless of the numerous advantages, employing of foreign nationals, especially from outside the European Union, is far more complicated than employing Polish citizens and requires in-depth knowledge not only of principles of employment of foreigners but also of possibility of legalizing their stay in Poland. It should not be forgotten that employment of other country citizens residenting unlawfully on the territory of the Republic of Poland (without documents authorising them to stay) is an offense.

Do you intend to employ a foreigner? Our experts will help determine whether binding regulations allow you to do so, examine the situation before you make any decision and complete all substantial documentation. We will provide you legal support in obtaining permits and declarations indispensable to legally employ a foreigner.

We can do a lot more for you. Contact us, tell us about your doubts. We will definitely find a solution.

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